Top 10 Reasons to Choose Property Whisperer Landscape Maintenance

1. Professional Onsite- Award Winning Designer, Certified Landscape Contractor Professional, Certified Smartscape, Certified Sustainable Landscape Management, and Trained Irrigation Auditor on your property performing the actual service.

2. Organic treatment-no toxic chemicals used, which also helps reduce irrigation water bills, fertilizer, and yard waste.

3. No loud, gas blowers are used--A quiet, electric blower is used strategically--Vacuum and rake methods are preferred-Since 95% of what is blown around is dirt and dust causing more contaminants to fall into pools, on cars, and through windows and doors of homes.  This obviously does more harm than good; not to mention, it also spreads allergens and weed seeds creating a perpetual problem for allergy sufferers as well as unnecessary weeds and herbicides.

4. Quiet hand or electric powered equipment used-no loud, carbon emitting gas powered landscape equipment is used.

5. Competitively Priced-after adding up all of the reduced operation and repair costs as well as the savings with other property services combined, property owners will save more in the long run using Property Whisperer compared to conventional landscapers.

6. Assured Security-personally knowing who is working on your largest life investment every week.

7. Continued Education-constantly absorbing new and proven information to help your property become healthier, better looking, and cost efficient.

8. Easy to Use Service Menu System-like you're at a restaurant ordering service entrees and sides for any given week.

9. Communication will be easier than ever-you can send work orders via email or though the PW Contact Form on the website and nothing will be lost in translation.

10. Credit Card Payments are Preferred-no late payment fees or hassling phone calls/emails about the payment or writing and delivering checks, since each service is charged to your credit card on the same day of the service. Helps property owners defer cash payments and at the same time potentially earn reward points on credit card accounts.