Quiet + Organic + Zero Emission + Certified Professional + No Loud & Toxic Mower or Blower Used

LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE PACKAGE: Weed Removal, Prune Plants, Mow, Edge, Rake/Vac, & Irrigation Check 

From $60/ weekly service

From $80/ bimonthly service

From $100/ monthly service

From $140/ one-time cleanup

IRRIGATION & LIGHTING ASSESSMENT: Run Irrigation Program, Troubleshoot, Irrigation Schedule Fine Tuning, Check Low Voltage Lighting, and Provide an Annual Irrigation Watering Schedule as well as Recommendations for Areas that Could Be More Efficient

From $200/ assessment

PHOTO SKETCH DESIGNS: Up to 2 Ground View Design Sketches, Call-Outs, & Estimate

From $250/ 2 photo sketches                                                  

PHOTO & AERIAL SKETCH DESIGN PACKAGE: includes Up to 2 Ground View Design Sketches and an Aerial Plan with Estimate, Legend, & Call-outs of Trees, Plants, Irrigation, Hardscape, and Lighting

From $500/ design package                                               

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